How to help prevent an avalanche on the Coles road

The Coles Road has been closed since Saturday, when an avalanche hit a bridge.

There were no injuries, but the road was evacuated.

The bridge has been reopened, but people are still urged to avoid the area.

“It is a very busy road, there are a lot of vehicles,” said Dan Smith, who owns a small grocery store near the bridge.

“The weather conditions are really tough right now.”

The Coles and the Cascade Falls National Park are also open.

The Cascade Falls is located at the base of Mount Hood, near the Canadian border.

A huge avalanche slammed the Cols and Cascade Falls in December.

A few hundred people were trapped.

It took the entire park six days to clear the area, with thousands of volunteers.

Officials said there were no fatalities and no injuries.

“We are very grateful to the volunteers who came together and provided safety to our citizens and visitors on this important part of the Canadian Rockies,” the National Park Service said in a statement.

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