How to get a new vehicle registration document in Thailand

The new driver’s license and driving record document that the Department of Transport (DOT) has been working on for months is coming to Thailand.

The first batch of passports, known as road transport name documents, were issued last year to Thai drivers.

The DOT says they’re intended to be a “road map” for the country to develop an online registration system.

The first set of documents will be issued in July, but DOT says the second batch of documents won’t be issued until November.

The DOT said in a blog post that the road transport names are intended to help the public better understand where and when people are traveling.

“This road transport document will be the basis for the next step in the development of the registration system, the road safety registry,” DOT wrote.

“This document is also meant to be used to facilitate registration of new road users and drivers.”

“This document will help us make the system more efficient and reliable by enabling a quick and easy registration process,” DOT added.DOT says it’s working with the Thai government to develop the new road transport passports and to “facilitate the registration of road users.”

The department will begin working on the road transportation name documents next month, and they will be distributed to drivers who apply to get them.

DOT says it expects to begin accepting the road name documents by March.

The new road travel documents are part of DOT’s efforts to make Thailand more “transparent,” which it says is important for the government to encourage better road safety.

“We need to give Thailand the ability to have more information about who’s on the roads and who’s traveling,” DOT director-general Prayuth Chanmai told reporters last year.

Dot also plans to begin processing the new documents as soon as it is released.

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