Delhi road transport questionnaire: Who is included and why?

The Delhi transport survey, conducted by the Delhi government, has revealed that the country’s road transport infrastructure is among the worst in the world.

It also revealed that Delhi is one of the worst cities in the country for people to die on their journey.

The road transport survey was conducted between October 1 and January 31, 2018 and is the first of its kind in the city.

A total of 4,100 people participated in the survey, which included interviews with 1,100 respondents in the capital.

The survey also recorded the responses of 8,000 people in all, including 7,000 adults.

It asked respondents if they used public transport and if they travelled by car or bus.

People were also asked to provide their ethnicity and socio-economic background, and if the people they met were members of ethnic minorities.

The report also revealed the results of the questionnaire on road safety.

It revealed that in Delhi, only 14.4% of people are aware of road safety measures, compared to 43.7% in other cities.

The average age of the survey respondents was 42 years old, which was higher than in other major cities, such as Mumbai, New Delhi and Mumbai.

The respondents said that road safety is a matter of priority, but they felt the roads in the national capital were not safe enough for people travelling on them.

It is the second survey of the road transport in India to come out in the past month, after a similar survey of public transport in January 2018.

The poll showed that road transport has been under pressure in the last two years, with the Delhi Metro being the only major transport project in the nation which has not been able to meet the expectations of the public.

The Delhi metro is due to be extended from its current line of 5km to 7km in 2021.

The Metro has been facing a lot of criticism since it was inaugurated in 2017.

The government has been in a state of chaos since the launch of the metro project.

According to the report, the average speed on the Delhi metro was 25kmph on a good day, and 35kmph during a bad one.

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