Delhi High Court clears petition by road transport and highways minister, paving way for a law

Delhi High Courts have cleared a petition by transport and highway minister Anil Pawar to ban road transport vehicles, paving the way for the government to move ahead with a law.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld the plea by Pawar, who has already been granted a stay on a court order against the government.

Pawar had earlier told the court that a ban on road transport was necessary for the sake of national security.

“If you take road transport away from the people, then who will take care of the national highways?” he had said.

Pawar’s plea, which was rejected by the apex court, came amid a crackdown by the state government on road transportation by private vehicles.

A government-appointed committee had recommended banning road transport from July 1, which is also the last day of the monsoon.

Pawan had sought the court’s intervention in the case, saying it would take time for the state to prepare the road transport law.

He had argued that the government had failed to get a law passed in the assembly and that the law would “impose a huge burden on the people”.

Pawar’s appeal is one of several challenges to a law introduced by the Delhi government that seeks to prohibit private vehicle transport from the city’s central highway, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) said in a statement.

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