‘Bhopal’ – The best road in India

bhopals road transport has been upgraded to an official route and it is the most popular route in the state.

A section of the road is called ‘Bhubanes road transport’.

The new route will link the cities of Bhubanes, Patna, Patia and Varanasi and will also connect to other parts of the state through the national highway network.

A section of this road is known as ‘BHUBanes road transportation’.

It will have four lanes of traffic with a capacity of 40,000 vehicles per hour.

The road will be operated by a team of experts who are also the road transport department of the government.

“We will be using the latest technology and technology infrastructure to make this a reliable road,” the minister said.

Bhopals government has also made a call for road users to have an alternate route.

It is now possible to take the Bhopal Road to other states like Assam, Goa, Tripura, Mizoram, Tripur and Tripura East.

Road transport has also been upgraded at Bhopals border.

There is a section of road in the neighbouring state of Assam which is a popular route to travel between the border towns of Baramulla and Baramur.

The government has already started to implement the new road transport routes to enhance the traffic flow and connectivity in the area.

More road transport in AssamThe new road system will have three lanes of vehicles per lane and a maximum capacity of 80,000 cars per hour, according to a statement from the department of road transport and highways.

It will also have four traffic lanes.

Currently, only two lanes of the BHUB-Bhuchanes Road Transport are operational.

The new system will be connected with the National Highway Network.

While the government has made a big push for road transport connectivity in India, some of the states have not been able to get the new roads ready for the people.

In Punjab, the state government has been forced to make a lot of changes in order to improve the infrastructure for road transportation.

Last year, the department said that it would not be able to provide road transport to the state for five years after the next general elections.

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