Which roads are safe for you to drive on?

Transport Minister Manoj Kumar Meena has suggested that the National Road Transport Rules (NRT) should be made more flexible, adding that it is a matter of time before it is implemented in all the country’s roads. 

“The NRT should be amended to allow the state to set up dedicated road transport centres, where the central government will be able to set the minimum speed limit on the highways, the minimum number of vehicles allowed and even the minimum weight,” Mr Meena said in the Lok Sabha.

“The central government can set up special vehicles like a car or truck and provide them with the necessary safety equipment,” he said.

The minister also said the NRT would help the state government manage the toll collection and make use of road transport hubs, which will facilitate road safety.

Mr Meena, who was speaking on the road transport ministry’s proposed roadmap, said that the state will provide an initial amount of Rs 15 crore to the states for roads infrastructure, while another Rs 5 crore will be provided to the state for roads and highways.

He said that it will also be decided on the way forward on the implementation of the road safety measures in all state governments.

The government, he added, will also work towards a national standard for road transport infrastructure.

The NSR is currently being drafted by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), with the state governments in charge of the implementation.

The draft has already been submitted to the Centre for feedback.

Mr Kumar Meema said that this is the first time in India’s history that the NHAI has made a proposal for the road transportation regulations.

Mr Meema’s comments come as the government plans to make a series of announcements on roads.

It will announce a new road transport strategy, he said, which aims to improve the safety of drivers on the roads.

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