How to save your life on the road

New Scientist article New Zealand has a new road safety initiative, and it’s designed to help road users who have experienced a serious crash or other incident on the country’s roads.

The Road Safety Programme is being run by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) and includes a road safety awareness programme and a road accident prevention scheme.

The program has been running for two years and is being overseen by the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

In 2015, two people died and nine people were seriously injured in road crashes on the national highway network.

The new road initiative aims to help those who have been involved in a road crash or collision and is designed to provide people with a sense of reassurance about their personal safety.

It also includes information and resources about road safety and road transport, such as crash prevention tips, road safety information sheets and road safety education material.

It is not the first time New Zealand’s road safety programme has had a new focus.

The first programme was introduced in 2013, and included the National Safety Strategy, which called for the National Highway Traffic Strategy to be updated and rebranded to reflect changes in the national road network.

However, the program has had significant delays, with the NZTA and MRT not able to agree on how the changes would be implemented.

The latest road safety initiatives aim to bring together information and advice for drivers and the public to help prevent road traffic accidents, including road accidents, traffic deaths, and serious injuries.

The aim is to improve road safety by providing more accurate information about road conditions and road users.

“It’s really important for road users to be aware of the dangers they face on our roads, and we want to get them to know where the information is,” NZTA chief executive Tim Scott said.

“That’s what this programme is about.”

New Zealand’s new road strategy will be unveiled in January.

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