How to drive on the interstate: The most important information

How to get on the Interstate 5 freeway, the most popular highway in the United States, from Los Angeles to San Diego and the Pacific Ocean, is being rebranded as the Pacific Coast Highway, and the route is expected to make more trips through California.

The name change comes after the California Highway Patrol said it would no longer enforce the state’s “Highway Code” and “Speed Limits” on the 5 Freeway and other freeways due to a lack of enforcement.

California Highway Patrol Sgt. Paul Schafer said the changes were made to improve safety on the highway.

“Our goal with the new signage is to create a safer, more efficient, and more accessible road environment for motorists,” Schafer told the Associated Press.

“We’ve seen that for a while.

So we’re working with the state to make sure we’re delivering the highway we want to see.”

The California Highway Safety Campaign (CHS) and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) issued a press release in August that stated the change.

The CHS and Caltrans released a letter to the press earlier this week that stated, “We are not going to enforce California’s Highway Code, Highway Speed Limit, or other highway laws on this highway, and we are also not going the distance to enforce the speed limits on any of the freeways.”

Schafer said while the CHS was working with Caltrans to develop the new signs, “they are still reviewing the information we have from other states and jurisdictions, and that is our main concern.”

California Highway Safety Program Coordinator Robert Dye said the change will help make the Highway safer.

“It will be easier to get around, it will be faster to get to and from, it’s safer to get there and back,” Dye told the AP.

“I would also like to say that this will be a great way to promote safe and reliable transportation for all drivers.”

The CHI also released a press statement on Tuesday that stated that the changes will “enhance the safety and convenience of the highway, increase safety and reliability for drivers, and enhance safety for those traveling along the highway.”

The Highway Code was created by California’s Legislature in 1970 and is intended to improve road safety, traffic flow and highway operations.

The Highway Code has not been enforced by any state agency since 1979.

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