Australia: ‘We don’t have a plan’ to transport more animals to the country of origin

Australia has said it doesn’t have the funding to support the country’s growing animal transport industry.

Key points:Australia is looking at an alternative to the road transport industry in the event of a major bushfire in the next 24 hours, the countrys Roads and Maritime Services said on FridayThe government has asked the Department of Environment to provide funding for a transport company to handle the task, the ABC understandsThe decision comes after the state has faced an increase in demand for animal transport over the last two weeks after bushfires swept through the region.

“It’s been an intense bushfire season and we’re in the midst of an intense fire season, so there’s a lot of demand for road transport services,” Roads and Marine Services chief executive Tim Walshe told the ABC.

“We’ve put in place some options for that but unfortunately there’s no funding to meet that demand.”

Mr Walshi said the Government was seeking to find a solution to the transport demand issue, while the government had requested a new funding plan.

“The Government has been asking for more funding to deal with our existing transport sector and we want to look at options to fund more transport services in the future,” he said.

“There’s been no response so we’re continuing to do our due diligence to see what we can do to meet the needs of the people that are using our roads and the public.”

As long as we continue to have an animal transport sector, we will have the capacity to meet our demand for our animals.

“Road transport companies have been unable to cope with demand, as the Government has not funded a transport operator to handle its operations.

In the past few days, the Government announced it would be providing $300 million to the Australian Government to fund road transport operations.

The State Government has also promised a new transport management plan.

Mr Welshe said the funding plan had not been formally introduced, and would be made available to the public in due course.”

I think that there’s been some confusion about the funding arrangements, that’s why we’ve asked the department to provide a new and revised funding proposal to the Government,” he told the program.”

At this stage there’s nothing formal about it but it’s something we’ll be making public in the coming days.

“Mr Walsh said the plan would be a “huge step forward” for the industry.”

In the next 12 months, it’s expected to double our capacity to transport animals in the state,” he added.”

To do that in a way that is sustainable and not impacting on the environment is an absolute requirement for us to get the numbers up and to get people using our road transport.

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