Why you should get a driver licence and learn the ins and outs of driving

I had never driven before, but I was a keen learner after a friend of mine, who’d recently been through a divorce, offered to drive me to a wedding in Delhi.

The groom was not the best of friends, and the bride and groom were not even friends.

The two of them were just friends and, at the time, I was trying to make my way through life in a similar way to my friends.

That’s how I ended up at the Delhi Police’s Road Transport Training Centre (RTFTC), where I learned the ins-and-outs of driving from a driver.

Here’s what you need to know about driving a car in Delhi: A licence to drive in Delhi When you apply for a licence, you’re asked for a photograph, which can be from your parents, a relative, or someone else, like a friend.

Your photo is also taken for an online application form.

A photograph can be taken of you and your car if you have one, and then your driver licence is then issued.

If you don’t have a photo, you can get a photograph of you from a trusted relative, friend or person you know.

In Delhi, the driving of cars is mostly done by foot and bike, with the latter being reserved for taxis and private hire vehicles.

The most common type of vehicle is a taxi, which is licensed to be driven by drivers from their parents.

The taxi driver also has the right to request for a private hire vehicle licence.

There are three types of private hire car licence in Delhi, depending on whether you’re an employee or a driver: taxi driver license, private hire driver license and public hire driver licence.

The driver’s licence will give you the right of use of the vehicle, but the driver has to carry out the vehicle’s upkeep, including maintaining it in a safe condition.

This means you’ll be responsible for paying for maintenance, repairs and repairs if the car gets damaged, if the road becomes unsafe and you get caught driving a taxi.

Licences are valid for five years, but you can renew them up to 30 times in a year.

You can also renew your taxi driver licence after 10 years if you get married.

You’re not allowed to drive a taxi for commercial purposes in Delhi if you’re a resident of the capital.

This is mainly because of the safety concerns.

Licenses are issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which is part of the Delhi government.

You also need to obtain a permit from the police.

You need a permit to drive on the streets of Delhi.

You’ll be required to take a test to prove that you have the correct driving licence.

You will also be required a physical examination by a medical officer, and an eye exam.

You must also pass a driving test if you want to become a driver and you need one for the first time.

You don’t need a driving licence if you don

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