Why the Road Transport Industry is Losing Its Grip

Transport Minister Dinesh Trivedi has been trying to revive the road transport industry in the state, after the recent floods left thousands of people stranded.

Traffic has become a significant problem as people try to leave their homes and go to work or school, Mr Trivedis office said in a statement.

More than two million people live in areas affected by floods, with more than one million still missing.

He has asked the state government to set up road transport companies to ferry people from their homes to government-run hospitals.

Many residents say they have no money to travel, especially in remote areas where the road is not yet available.

They are also worried about the future of their properties.

The government has not yet given details of the toll toll roads toll collection plan, but it is expected to involve a lot of cash, the statement said.

A total of 7.2 million people are estimated to have lost their homes, according to a study by the World Bank.

Road transport and the environment are not in the same category.

The country is also facing an estimated $2.4 billion worth of damage to its roads from floods.

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