When Israel’s road transport agency awards the country’s first road transport award for road transport category

An Israeli road transport carrier won a road transport type award for its innovative approach to road transport in Israel.

Dubbed the “road transport industry’s answer to the U.S.,” the “Road Transport Industry’s Answer to the World” award recognizes innovative solutions for the transport industry.

The award, presented by the Israel Ministry of Transportation (MOT), comes at a time when the country is struggling to find a viable long-haul passenger transport solution, with a lack of long-distance routes.

The awards are presented by three organizations: Israel Transport Agency (ITT), Israel Civil Administration (ICA) and Israel Passenger and Road Transportation Association (IPRA).

The awards are awarded annually for a new innovative solution to a problem.

The ISTT is Israel’s national road transport operator, which also operates passenger and freight services in the country.

The ISTT received the award in its road transport categories on Thursday, marking the first time the ISTT has received such an award since it was established in 2000.

The company, which operates five different types of buses, has developed the new “Road Taxi” system, which will be introduced on the next bus line in 2021.

The system will allow drivers to provide long-range service, using a variety of modes including taxis, bicycles, and electric buses.

The new system will be rolled out in 2021 on the existing buses and will be used by more than 1.5 million passengers a year, with more than 40 percent of the passengers traveling within Israel.

The CST-GTA (Transport Group), an international consortium of private, public, and state transportation companies, received the ISTt award for the first-ever road transport awards.

It will also be awarded an award in the road transport industry for the innovative approach it took to the delivery of new vehicles.

The DOTC is an agency of the Ministry of Transport that focuses on the management of the nation’s transportation system, and is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Israel Transport Authority.

The government has also awarded two awards to the ISTs for their innovative solutions to transportation issues.

The DOTC awarded a new award to ISTT to design, develop, and commercialize the “High Speed Rail” project, which is to link the Tel Aviv area with the neighboring Negev, and to improve the speed of service between Jerusalem and the coastal areas.

In 2017, ISTT announced that the high-speed rail project will start operating in 2021 and will run on the planned route of the existing route.

The first of ISTT’s new high-performance vehicles, the M-3, will be ready in 2021, and will offer passengers a significantly improved speed and efficiency, compared with the current vehicles.

The first of the new vehicles is expected to be ready for operation by 2022.

ISTT will also announce the award of an award for a third vehicle, the “H-3,” which will provide a faster, more comfortable, and more comfortable ride.

ISTTs new high speed rail project is scheduled to start operating by 2021.

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