What’s in your truck?

A truck that can haul about 30 tonnes of goods, but still has enough room to haul your groceries.

It’s a bit like an oversized SUV.

The DHL Road Transport Ppt.

1 is the latest product to be unveiled.

The company has released a video on its website showing off the DHL Ppt 1.

The truck, which is based on a large, diesel-powered SUV, is made of carbon fibre and aluminium, and it can carry an average of 30 tonnes.

The DHL logo is painted on the top of the truck.

In terms of size, the truck is similar to an SUV, but is about five metres long and has a maximum load of 30kg.

The company says it will also use the truck in other types of transport, like the cargo ferry system.

It’s made of aluminium and carbon fibre, and can be rolled on roads.

The driver is also wearing a suit and tie.

The truck has a number of sensors that monitor the truck and its surroundings.

The trucks have a range of sensors, such as radar, accelerometers and GPS.

It also has a radar-tagged airbag that can be deployed on the road.

The trailer can tow up to 5 tonnes.

The trailer can carry about 30 kilograms of goods.DHL also says that the truck can be used for cargo transport to the UAE.

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