What is the road transport museum?

The road transport Museum is a non-profit, community-driven project dedicated to researching and collecting rare road transport items.

Located in the town of Newbury, Victoria in New South Wales, the Museum’s mission is to “provide a community-led opportunity to preserve and study the history and heritage of Australian road transport”.

The museum aims to create a forum for local communities and the broader community to share their stories, share stories of community members and learn about their experiences.

A visit to the Museum is free.

It’s also a great place to visit for the family, as it is part of the community, and you can be part of a local museum that’s also part of your community.

In fact, a community event was held in March 2018, where a family was invited to visit the Museum and learn more about the history of road transport.

This is a unique opportunity for the community to engage with the museum and also learn about the museum’s collection.

The museum has a dedicated team of staff who will visit the museum every Saturday, Monday and Friday to collect, preserve and display the collection.

There is also a range of events to attend, from the annual Road Transport Weekend, held on Saturdays, to the annual Day of the Road, which takes place each year.

It can be a great way to take part in your local community and explore the road transportation heritage.

The Museum has a long-standing interest in the development of road transportation technology, and has developed an online collection of historical documents related to road transport in Victoria.

The Road Transport Museum is currently running an online exhibition, where you can read about some of the museum team’s past projects.

The collection is made up of over 150 items, including items that have survived the Great Depression, World War II, the Great War, the Second World War, and the Second Battle of Ypres.

These items include road transport devices, military vehicles, aircraft, trains, ships, shipswains, trucks and cars.

The items have also been used for various purposes, including the manufacture of food, clothing, shoes and other items.

This includes a number of items from the Museum, including food, water and toiletries.

In a nutshell, the Road Transport Collection includes items from both the Victorian and Australian eras.

They are also a significant part of our cultural heritage, which is important in our understanding of our past and the evolution of our transport technologies.

The road transportation collection was created through the donation of over 100 items, most of which are in the public domain.

The team behind the project also created a digital archive of items and information on road transport technology that has been accessible online since its inception.

In 2017, the road Transport Museum’s collections were donated to the Australian National University, and in 2019, the collection was given to the Commonwealth of Australia.

The online collection was updated in 2020, and continues to be updated and maintained.

The exhibition “Road Transport: An Australian Story” was presented in 2018.

The public is encouraged to attend each Saturday of the year at the Museum to see how road transport is represented in our lives.

The exhibit has a collection of images that represent a wide range of the objects on display.

The collections are curated by local historians and historians from Victoria and across the country.

The goal of the exhibition is to highlight the diverse ways road transport has been used throughout our history.

In particular, the exhibition aims to highlight Australia’s role in developing transport technologies that have been used over time to move people and goods.

There are also items from other eras and places, which will help to showcase the role of different regions in Australia’s road transport history.

There will also be exhibitions on some of these items, and some of those items will be on display at the museum, and will be able to be viewed online as well.

The Victorian Roads Museum is also involved in the National Transport Museum, which showcases some of Australia’s historic and cultural heritage.

For more information on the Road Transportation Museum visit www.roadtransportmuseum.com.au.

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