The road that will take us from New York to Chicago is finally here

The future of transportation will be decided in Chicago and the city’s road network will finally see a completion date.

The city of Chicago announced this morning that it will begin the construction of the new I-94 North expressway in 2019, as well as the $3 billion LIRR corridor from Chicago’s downtown to downtown Dallas.

The expressway will stretch 1.2 miles between the I-270 and I-75 interchange. 

“This will be the longest, most thorough, and most extensive expressway system in the world,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said at a press conference today. 

The project will bring thousands of new jobs to the Chicago metropolitan area.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2019. 

There are two lanes on each side of the I95 corridor. 

 “The I-95 corridor will serve as the Chicago River’s major artery for a generation,” Emanuel said.

“The new expressway is going to be the biggest, most important transportation investment in the city since the completion of the Red Line.” 

In addition to the new expressways, Chicago also announced plans for a new elevated rail system to connect the city to other major cities. 

This is a great day for Chicago.

Chicago has been the world’s leader in rapid transit and the new high-speed rail line will be a great addition to our city. 

New expressway construction in Chicago, 2020.

Source: Chicago Tribune/YouTube Chicago is a major transit hub and is also home to many of the world�s most important industries.

It also happens to be one of the most densely populated cities in the US.

The new elevated expressway would be the second major transit expansion in Chicago since the opening of the North Loop in 2020. 

In 2021, the Chicago City Council approved a $1.8 billion project to extend the LIRRA (Loop Link) from the downtown core to the suburbs.

This would connect the existing LIRRI line in the downtown with the existing North Loop line in Lakeview. 

Chicago also has been a major proponent of a regional high-tech hub for research and development.

Chicago was also among the first cities in America to construct its first underground railroad.

In 2020, Chicago announced that it had partnered with Google to open its first Google Fiber service.

Google Fiber will allow Chicagoans to stream their internet services to their home and work.

Construction on the Google Fiber line from Lakeview to Chicago’s North Loop.

Source  The Chicago River will become a vital waterway in the coming years, as the city and the region plan for the construction and operation of the massive, new elevated riverwalk that will extend from the Chicago Convention Center and the State Fairgrounds to Lake Michigan.

A new riverwalk will open in Chicago in 2021.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced the completion date of the $1 billion Riverwalk in 2019 Illinois is the largest state in the country to have a high-capacity river, and this will be its first time in a decade that it is fully functional. 

It is also one of only three US states that has no public water systems.

The Riverwalk will span three miles from Lake Shore Drive to the Illinois River and include the Riverwalk at the North Point Waterfront. 

Construction of the Illinois-Indiana high-frequency high-voltage water power plant.

Source : Illinois Department of Natural Resources/YouTube Construction on a new high speed rail line between Chicago and Chicago will begin in 2019 at the Lake Shore Park and the Loop. 

I-294 between Chicago’s West Side and Chicago’s South Side will also be completed. 


Governor Bruce K. Rauners first proposed the construction at the end of last year. 

Transportation projects will continue to advance in Chicago over the next several years. 

A new high capacity bus rapid transit system, called “Loop Link,” is expected in 2020 The Loop Link, an elevated elevated bus rapid rail line is planned to connect Chicago’s major transit hubs. 

Loop Link will be part of the larger “Loop Connector,” a new light rail line that will link the South Loop with the city�s downtown, Lakeview, and Riverwalk. 

Dublin’s new metro line will connect to Chicago, and the project will open by 2019.

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