Thailand to issue road transport transport documents for the first time

Thailand’s road transport and logistics department has published a list of the state’s transport and warehousing agencies for the next six months.

The ministry also published the names of the road transport companies which would be responsible for running the roads, highways and ports, the Department of Road Transport said in a statement.

It said the information will be used to guide the public about road transport in the country.

In April, Thailand’s Transport Ministry published the list of companies it will have responsibility for running Thailand’s roads, the National Assembly said.

The new list will be updated weekly to ensure it is up-to-date and will be made available to all interested parties, the ministry said in the statement.

The list also included a list covering all public transport and transport logistics services, the statement said.

It also listed the names and addresses of all the public transport companies it has contracts with, as well as the companies which the ministry is responsible for supervising.

In its previous list of services, it said that “transport management” companies were responsible for the management of roads, including the handling of road traffic and safety, but it said it would not be responsible in cases where it was not a transportation company.

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