Roads, road transport and transport sector: New government will bring in more investment and investment in roads and transport

Roads and transport are the backbone of our economy, but we have not been able to get a fair share of investment, according to the new National Infrastructure Minister for Roads, Roads and Transport, Datuk Seri P. Abdul Razak Ibrahim.

“It is a very important issue for the state and we will continue to bring in new investments in roads, transport, and other infrastructure,” Mr Ibrahim told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

“We will continue our investments in road infrastructure and infrastructure development.

We will bring more investment in road transport,” he said.

He said the minister was committed to “trying to bring investment in the road transport sector”.

Mr Ibrahim also said the government would continue to increase its investment in infrastructure.

He made the comments during a cabinet discussion on the implementation of the government’s investment policy for the last financial year.

He has also proposed the creation of a task force to work on issues such as infrastructure, public transport, infrastructure for farmers, roads and waterways, as well as roads and highways.

The cabinet is expected to meet to discuss the road sector during its annual state of the state meeting on March 27.

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