India’s road transport industry faces a major crisis as a billion-dollar market is hit by a pandemic

Transport Minister Ram Vilas Paswan says the government will look at ways to make it easier for the public to travel in the country.

He says a large chunk of the country’s roads are “unbanked” and need to be “reformed”.

He says the country has lost more than 3.5 million people since the first outbreak of coronavirus.

In addition to the deaths and health problems, the government has said the pandemic is also hurting the economy.

The Government of India, the countrys national transport ministry, has set out a plan to address the crisis in the transport sector.

It has said that the government is considering the options to make roads more efficient and make them more accessible for citizens.

The ministry is also examining ways to speed up road transport and is currently in talks with the private sector to speed it up.

The new plan comes after the government introduced a road transport plan in January 2017, which outlined how to create new roads for vehicles that are not yet fully operational.

However, Paswan said that this is not enough.

“There are not enough lanes.

There are not the roads,” he said in a press conference.

“This is not a plan that can be implemented on a scale.

The only solution is to create better roads for the road transport sector.”

He said the government wants to create a roadmap to make the roads more accessible and faster.

“We are looking at ways like better signage, better signage in different locations, better signal and lighting systems,” he added.

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