How the city is spending its money

The Auckland Transport Department (ATD) has unveiled a new road transport plan to reduce congestion on the road network by 40% in two years.

The plan includes two new routes linking the city centre to Waikato, and one that will run along the New Plymouth-Cape York motorway.

The city is also considering a major upgrade of Auckland’s existing network, including the proposed M4 Motorway.

The M4 route is due to be built by 2026.

But the government said the cost would rise from $11bn to $16bn.

The M4 project is to connect the M4 motorway, and its extension to the M3 motorway from Auckland Airport, with Auckland’s main CBD.

The new M4 routes are part of a new Auckland Transport strategy that aims to reduce the congestion on Auckland’s roads by 40%.

The new plan will see the new M3 and M4 roads build at a cost of $6.8bn and $8.1bn respectively, and the M1 motorway upgraded to an M3.

The government said that the changes will mean Aucklanders will have better access to public transport when they need it, and will also improve safety for those using the roads.

“There’s no better way to get the public transport system up and running and to maximise the benefits to our city, our economy and our people than to improve connectivity between our major transport corridors,” said Auckland Transport CEO David Sargent.

“The M3 is the best example of this approach because it runs along the main motorway in Auckland, which is a major artery, which has a major congestion problem, and which is also a major arterial road,” he said.

“So the improvements to the roads will make it easier for people to get around, but also for those who use the roads to get between different parts of the city.”

The new route is expected to be complete in 2023.

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