DHL to boost delivery services to India from Rs 20 lakh per vehicle

India’s biggest carrier DHL will begin delivering cargo to Indian customers on its roads by 2021.

The company said that its first commercial cargo flights from India to its customers in the country are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2021, adding that the company has signed up more than 4,000 trucks and vehicles for the deliveries.DHL’s India delivery service has already been in operation for several years.

The company has already signed up over 4,500 trucks and over 30,000 vehicles for its road transport services in the region.

India has been a leading market for DHL.

It is expected to be the first country to fully roll out the service after a two-year period of delay.

DHL said that the services will initially be delivered by private and public fleets, but it plans to expand to other industries.

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