How to get to Perth CBD: A map of the streets of Perth

PENRITH, Australia (AP) It was a quiet, sunny morning in the middle of Queensland, and a group of tourists was making their way from the city’s seaside beaches to the city limits.

A driver honked his horn, and the group of five or six people on the bicycle passed on their way.

It was the perfect way to get around Sydney’s suburbs.

But the cyclist in question wasn’t the one with the speed and the big wheels.

That’s because it was the only bike in sight.

The bike, a new version of the road transport company’s classic bike, was in fact a custom road transport bike designed for the Australian market.

The company has introduced the bike in Australia for the first time since 2008.

A custom road transportation bike is a bike that has been customized and made specifically for the market, said David Haggart, founder and chief executive officer of PENTRITH, in an interview with the ABC.

“We are building a bike to serve the market,” he said.

Haggard and his team of custom bike makers have been working on the new bike for three years, and their latest model is now available for sale.

Higgart, who is also president of the NSW Government’s Roads and Maritime Services Authority, said the bike has proven to be a hit.

“The people who have been following the bike for so long, they’ve been asking for more,” he told the ABC in an email.

HGG, the company that is responsible for the roads of Australia, has built a few bikes to cater to the needs of different communities.

“For the people who need the ability to cycle for long distances, the bike can do that, too,” he added.

Higgs said the new custom road vehicle was designed to be versatile enough to carry all sorts of people, from families with small children to large families.

Hoggart said the road vehicle is meant to be used by people who are not accustomed to riding a bicycle.

“People who are very young, people who might be disabled or have mobility issues, people with some of those issues, we think this will be the perfect bike for them,” he explained.

“They’re just going to be able to ride it to work, and then when they get home, they can take it with them.”

PENrith, which has been a bicycle maker for a number of years, is now offering its customers the opportunity to build custom road vehicles that can be used for road transport.

The road transport vehicles have been made by custom bike builders that have built custom bikes to suit their own needs.

“It’s not something that’s built for any specific market, so it’s just the perfect fit for the needs that we have,” Haggar told the CBC.

“As we expand into the market we’ll be adding new products, and we’ll also be adding more road transport products.”

PENNRITH and NSW Government have been promoting the bike as a safe alternative to the road.

“This is a way for people who can’t get around on a bike, who might not be able or interested in using a bicycle, to get across the road without having to change anything on the bike,” said Haggert.

“A lot of people who ride a bicycle don’t even realise it’s possible to do that.”

The NSW Government has also made it clear it supports the bikes, even if the new one isn’t a mass market product.

“If we had to say to someone who’s not really interested in riding a bike right now, we’re not going to sell you this bike, it’s not for them and it’s for the people that can’t ride a bike,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian told the broadcaster ABC.

The NSW government is also looking at a “public transport” option.

“PENrth bikes are not just a way to make sure that people can get around,” Berejaklian said.

“I’m not going there just because the government’s saying it’s a safe thing to do, but because we’ve heard from a lot of the community that the bikes are really effective for things like public transport.”

Berejklian also noted that it’s been a lot easier to get rid of a bike than it is to replace it.

“With our bikes, we’ve got a very, very good understanding of what the road conditions are like,” she said.

In Australia, there are about 300 million road vehicles on the road every day, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

About 60 percent of those vehicles are cars, according the government.

The other half are vans and bikes.

The government has invested about $1.7 billion into roads since 2009.

“Road transport infrastructure is one of the most important investments we can make to make Australia’s roads safer and more accessible,” Berekliian said in an earlier interview with ABC

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