Driverless car could save millions of lives, study says

A driverless car might save millions more lives than the vehicles currently on the road, a study says.

In a study released on Thursday, researchers from the University of Oxford said a car could help prevent an estimated 730,000 deaths per year by reducing road deaths by 50%.

They say this would reduce the number of fatalities by about 10%.

The researchers also estimate that driverless cars could save the UK £1.8bn ($2.3bn) annually.

They say a driverless vehicle could help reduce the death toll from road transport accidents by 20%.

This would save lives of up to 100,000 a year, the researchers say.

“The cost to society is enormous,” the authors write.

“Driverless cars and the related costs of road safety, congestion and air pollution, have been estimated to cost as much as £100bn per annum.”

The authors say the cost to the UK of the roads could be between £500m and £1bn per year, with the cost of road deaths and the associated costs of air pollution also rising substantially.

The study also said driverless vehicles would save the lives of nearly 200,000 people per year.

It is estimated that driver-less cars save around 1.5 million lives a year.

The researchers said the cost could be less than half of that.

This is because driverless technologies are still a relatively new phenomenon.

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